Caroline O'Neal


Born in Germany by a Greek mother and with an Australian father of Irish/Scottish origin, I was brought up in Geneva, lived 2 years in Spain (Santiago de Compostella) and 13 years in Denmark (Copenhagen), and since 2012 I live in Germany (Neu-Ulm in Bavaria).

Self-taught Artist-Painter / Illustrator, I have been fascinated by the fantastic and the imaginary since childhood.

Whether in painting or for illustrations, my art is figurative, inspired by mythical characters (Greek mythology), fairy tales and various legends (I especially love fairies, princesses, mermaids, witches, vampires and other little monsters) on a background of nature (flora and fauna).  I also love very much humoristic drawings.

I have done various illustrations for : books, clothing and children’s games ; and also for sf-horror-fantasy magazines and books, publicity, greeting cards, etc.

… And I love drawing for all ages.

I have done several exhibitions, but lately I have done much less since I am now devoting the largest part of my time to illustration (and to the world of book and magazine publishing).

My technique is :

·      oil painting on canvas,

·      drawing (black and colour inks, watercolour pencils and écolines on paper), 

·      both techniques with sometimes the addition (only for framed art) of various inclusions of metallic powders, glimmer, synthetic stones, shells, dried seaweed, tissue flowers, feathers, sand, gilt crabs, starfish, etc...

I admire painters such as : A. MUCHA, J. DELVILLE, G. KLIMT, J.W. WATERHOUSE, E. BURNE-JONES, M. KLINGER, L. LEVY-DHURMER, C. SCHWAB, G. MOREAU, G. DE FEURE, A. BEARDSLEY as well as many other artists from the Pre-Raphaelite, Symbolist or Art Nouveau schools of art.

In the Heroic-Fantasy style, my favourites are : G.BROM, F.FRAZETTA, L. ROYO, Jim FITZPATRICK and Victoria FRANCES.

In another category I also love very much : S. BOTICELLI, Toulouse LAUTREC or the Australian Norman LINDSAY or again Ph. NOYER.

From the illustrators side (of all periods) I love very much : Beatrix POTTER, Cicely Mary BARKER, A. RACKHAM, E. DULAC, G. DORE, Jon J. MUTH, F. FERNANDEZ, Brian FROUD, KORKY PAUL, Capucine MAZILLES, Steve COX, GRIS GRIMLY, Chad SAVAGE, Alan M. CLARK, Steven GILBERTS, Jean-Michel NICOLLET, … as well as many others, but the list would be too long

I also admire many illustrators of comic strips ;o)

In addition to the painting, in my moments of leisure, I also do: 

·      Restoration (gilding, upholstery, colouring,...) of antique furniture and frames,

·      Interior decoration, painting, gilding, mosaic (bathrooms), small restorations, etc...

·      Design and sewing of decorative flower-shaped cushions, with beaded stamen.

·      Embroidery and pearl decoration on clothing

·      Classical, African, Oriental and Gothic-Tribal dance

·      Give drawing lessons to adults and children


Fluent : French, English and Greek.

Good : Spanish and Danish.

Manages/understands : German and Italian.



·      January 1994 first individual exhibition in gallery "LA PRIMAIRE". (GENEVA).

·      15-17 November 1994 collective exhibition on the occasion of the 10 years of the Hellenic Association of Geneva in the SALLE POLYVALENTE DES CHARMETTES (GENEVA/CAROUGE).

·      March 1996 (March 6 to 24) individual exhibition in gallery "LA VERRIERE DU JARDIN ALPIN" (GENEVA).

·      August 1996 (July 29 to August 18) individual exhibition in the gallery "ARCADE CHAUSSE-COQS" (GENEVA/VIEILLE-VILLE).

·      November 1996 (November 14 to 21) collective exhibition on the occasion of the cultural week "From Ancient Greece to Modern Greece" organised by the town of Geneva and the Museum of Art and History of Geneva as well as by the Hellenic Association of Geneva, in the VILLA DUTOIT (PETIT-SACONNEX/GENEVA).

·      February 1997 (February 1 to 27) individual exhibition in gallery "DES MOUETTES" (GENEVA).

·      May 1997 (May 6 to 21) collective exhibition "COULEURS PRINTEMPS" in gallery "VILL'ART MAGNA" (VILLE-LA-GRAND/FRANCE).

·      January 1998 (December 30 to January 11) collective exhibition "LUMIERES D'HIVER"  in gallery "VILL'ART MAGNA" (VILLE-LA-GRAND/FRANCE).

·      August 2006 – June 2007 collective exhibition with "Skolekunstforeningen Midt-Vest" in several schools in the mid-west of Denmark.

·      March 2010 (March 26 to 28) collective exhibition at the “World Horror Convention’s Art Show” (Brighton).



·      September - december 1996, exhibition in Mövenpick Cendrier (Geneva/Switzerland).

·      September 2000 (14. august – 24. september), exhibition in Cafe Aroma (Copenhagen/Denmark).

·      December 2000 – january 2001, exhibition in Café Sorte Hest (Copenhagen/Denmark).

·      July 2001, exhibition in Café Dolce Vita (COPENHAGEN/DENMARK).

·      July 2001-September 2004, exhibition in Café au Lait (COPENHAGEN/DENMARK).

·      September 2001, exhibition in Café Piccolo (COPENHAGEN/DENMARK).

·      July – September 2003, exhibition in Bar Dutski (COPENHAGEN/DENMARK).



Caroline O’Neal

Auf dem Berg 1

89233 Neu-Ulm


Tel: (+49) 731 71578641